Friday, August 16, 2013

Girls Coupon Brunch & Spicy Breakfast Pizzas

So while I am used to teaching little 5 year olds, I am not used to teaching my friends. I should say "teaching" lightly because technically, I sat on an ottoman in front of a close group of friends and shared with them about my couponing tips while stuffing my face with yummy breakfast food. But seriously, I kind of taught a coupon class:) It was alot much fun and I had to apologize in advance for my excitement over the issue.

One of my friends from my sunday school class immediately jumped on the couponing topic after I blogged about it last. Before I knew it, we had a date set for our very own sunday school brunch where I would give coupon advice. My friend who eagerly wanted to learn and offered her home to host was my start student! She tried out couponing that week prior to our brunch and texted me late one night about her savings. Ummm...I could not have have been prouder! Since our brunch together, I have learned that there have been other friends who are hitting the stores with coupons in hand and I LOVE that they share their successes with me. 

Not only did I make breakfast pizzas (and even the low-er fat version:) but I also offered a few more tips about couponing that I did not have enough room to share in my previous blog. I promised I would type up the extra notes so I figured I would do so here in my blog and with the recipe for breakfast pizzas. Enjoy!

If you are behind and need a coupon 101, see my earlier blog posts to catch up. Here are the extra notes...

*Where can you get coupons? EVERYWHERE! Newspapers, magazines, product website, coupon websites, on a product at the grocery store and in the grocery store. Another place for great coupons is your doctors/dentist office. Collins's pediatrician's office always has awesome coupons waiting for us mommas to grab them.Also, if there is an item that you like such as Wholly Guac, check their website! Most will offer coupons and you can stock up so print as many as you can!

*This may sound a bit too much and yes, it technically is butttttt I would suggest organizing coupons by aisle. It will make your trip so much faster. And with a baby now, I do not have the leisure time to just play around in the grocery store! I would much rather spend my leisure time in a mall somewhere but that doesn't seem to happen much either. 

*Once you start stocking up on more and more coupons, the greater chance you will have that you a coupon for your favorite items on sale.

*Once you stock up on foods (because you are buying them on sale, NOT when you need them), you can make a menu based off of what you have and feeding your family doesn't seem to break your bank anymore. And I to make fun and fancy foods, so rest assured that I can even make fun menus that will include the things I stock up on. 

*Coupons are not just for dry food and cereals. You can still watch your store to see when their produce and meats go on sale and buy, but then you can freeze it! We had a huge discussion about being able to freeze fruits and veggies. So yes, you can!

*You can even buy toys and baby products on a great deal. This momma has brought Collins a few pretty neat and rather costly toys at practically nothing because there will be a manufacturers coupon paired with a store coupon definitely makes it budget friendly. Jason laughs because I will come home randomly with toys for Collins that I bought for a steal.  
I bought the above precious Fisher Price toy that Collins loves to play with for $15 when it was regularly $40! I had a $15 off coupon for Target and a $10 off coupon for Fisher Price. Proud momma here! Notice my child bouncing to the beat in the video. She just might have her momma's moves;) (Video may not show if you do not have the right updates. It does't show up on my IPAD. I am lazy and hate installing new updates)
And this adorable, famous little dog? $5 from Target when it should have been $25! Similar scenario: $10 off manufacturer's coupon and $10 off Target coupon. Why didn't I buy more???? They could have been tossed in as part of a baby shower or birthday gift? I hope this doesn't sound at all cheap. I am frugal. Big difference. I love nice things and will spare no cost over those things that mean the most. 

And as far as these little breakfast pizzas go, they were so stinking easy and good! 
Spicy Breakfast Pizzas

1 (16oz) package spicy pork sausage ( I used reduced fat. You could even use turkey sausage and season it yourself)
2 (8 oz) packages cream cheese (I used fat free)
1 bag of seasoning blend (found in the freezer section by veggies)
*Seasoning blend is made up of what we call the "trinity" in Louisiana: chopped Onions, bell peppers and celery. It truly is a gift to cooks instead of having to buy these things and chop them ourselves!
6 English muffins (I used whole wheat), split
Garnish: chopped red and green peppers 

In a large skillet, combine sausage and seasoning blend. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, for 4 to 6 minutes, or until sausage is browned and crumbly. Drain sausage mixture. Reduce heat to medium low. Return sausage mixture to skillet. Add cream cheese to skillet. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring frequently, or until cream cheese is melted and combined with sausage. Spread on split muffin halves. Cover and refrigerate overnight. (Hello! Best part of this recipe for this mom!!). Take out pizza 30 minutes prior to cooking and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until cooked through. Enjoy!

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