Saturday, June 8, 2013

Teachers Just Wanna Have Fun

Wednesday was our last day with students and it was such a bittersweet day as I said "good bye" to my very first Kindergarten class. I truly had a wonderful year although it was very tough at times as I learned so much and also became a mom. I was stretched to the limits but God carried me through. And my sweet husband was there every second of the way. I am already looking forward to next year but I am oh so glad to have the summer with my baby girl!

So us teachers ended the year in good fashion with a fabulous party. I know our students think we live at school but little do they know that we can have some fun. Seriously, they seem shocked when they see you outside of school and you can actually read their minds that say, "You mean, you shop at Target too??????" Anyway, Wednesday night we gathered at the home of one of our teachers and all sat poolside with our toes in the water. It looked innocent as we told stories about the year....

But then it got a bit crazy. Every single teacher, including myself, ended up in the pool in our clothes. Every. Single. Teacher. It was absolutely hilarious and the laughs were no doubt heard for miles. And even me, who hates to be wet in my clothes, could care less. We were officially off for the summer and we had zero cares in the world. I love the staff I work with and I am crazy blessed to be a part of Pattison Elementary.

So to the recipe...I had to make something easy because there is just absolutely zero time to play Julia Child on your last week of school. So I pulled out a tried and true recipe called Deviled Crackers. They are so easy to prepare that it is almost sinful. But the addiction to them is even more sinful. Many people have probably had these before so here is the way to make them:

Deviled Crackers

2 sleeves of Saltines

3/4 cup of Vegetable oil

1 packet of dry ranch mix

Set oven to 250. Spread your crackers on a baking sheet. Whisk the oil and ranch mix and then pour over your crackers and coat carefully. I use a rubber spatula to do the job. Bake at low temp for 20-30 mins. You will be able to smell when they are done. You will start to smell a yummy aroma in your house. The fun part is that you can use ANY dry packet mix....fajita mix, italian seasoning mix...anything! I actually used the Fiesta Ranch dry packet and loved it. These are always a hit and loved by all.

Enjoy and happy summer to all my fellow teachers out there!

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