Saturday, June 8, 2013

3 years later, but better late than never!

Well, it has been a LONG time since I posted on this blog. I never forgot about it and I am a person who actually feels guilty about not finishing something I start. This was one of those quilty things. But life has been busy in the umm...almost past 3 years since I last posted. Seriously, has it been that long? But to justify and make myself feel better, I will say that life has changed drastically in the last three years. Back to school...AGAIN and this time to be a teacher, moved from Nashville to Texas (oh so bittersweet), got my dream job as a Kindergarten teacher at an amazing school (God is good and faithful...AMEN!) and we had our first baby...our little baby bug,Collins Catherine! So that sums up our three years in a few sentences...or at least the main parts.

We were able to visit our sweet Momou over Easter this past March and my little blog came back on my heart. But who has time to blog when you add a first year Kinder teacher AND a first time mom to the mix??? Not this girl. I barely have time to brush my teeth (but I do). So I added "get back to my blog" on my summer bucket list and here I am on my first day of summer. Go me! I am so productive:) Now if only I can keep up with it. But here is the thing, when you are a busy, new, working mom, there is barely any time to be fancy and try new recipes. So I certainly haven't been able to try any of Momou's recipes but I think that she of all people would understand. But what I DO have is a collection of "Fast and Fabulous" recipes that I have been adding to and keeping for years as I tried new recipes. I have been pulling from that list all year to make sure we can eat some sort of dinner.

So Momou, for this season of life, I may just have to blog about those recipes and whatever else life throws me but I promise to cook some of your recipes as much as I can, especially now with summer here. I plan/hope/pray to add to my "Fast and Fabulous" list so I will be ready for the fall when school starts again. As far our sweet Momou? She is still as lovely as ever with the same easy, beautiful heart. She recently moved to a nursing home which is different and hard to see, but she is still queen! Her family is ever growing and she is still a prayer warrior with grace poured all over her. So for this season of life, this blog may have to take on a new meaning where I can TRY to make it all like, love, grace, motherhood and of course, food. I am really not a writer at all but there is something fun and that makes my heart happy about this tribute to Momou so I am going to try to keep going. Key word here:Try.

3 generations of Catherines...well, I am Katherine with a "K".

Only a few of the grandchildren and a few great grandchildren. Notice the other baby, that would be my sister's (Jonah), born only 20 days after Collins.

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