Thursday, June 27, 2013

Supporting Paula Deen

I am not one at all to ruffle feathers when it comes to debatable issues. I cringe when people around me start talking politics or anything that might get others in arguements. The thing is, we are all entitled to our own opinion. And it is just that, an opinion. And I usually have one, but I don't find myself voicing it over these type of matters unless it is in the safety of very close friends or family. I do not even want to get into religion and the difference between catholics, baptists etc. (and I love to talk faith because I am one believing girl!) but I WILL happily tell you about our awesome God. Because He is for everyone: methodist, lutheran, democrat, republican and everyone else out there...He love us ALL. I will stand up for the things that matter and  make a difference in my life or the lives of my loved ones.

But this issue leaves my stomach in knots and I just have to share my opinion this time. I have loved Paula Deen and all that she has stood for. If you have ever read her biography, you will find that she built her career from NOTHING and I admire her so much for it. She presents cooking with lots of fun and makes anyone feel that they too can whip up great dishes. She reminds us that anything good is somehow centered around food and she definitely celebrates that and encourages us all to do the same. Food brings family, celebrations, laughter, memories and life is too short to go without embracing all that food has to offer...even the extra few pounds:)

The thing is, we are all guilty of making mistakes and saying things we regret. We are all guilty of something or another. She is not perfect and never did I think she was. I knew all along that she puts her shoes on the same way I do, every single day. Do I agree with the word she used? No, not at all. I don't use it myself and cringe when I hear that word used.  But I promise I have been guilty of using some word at some point that didn't paint someone else in the best light. I have hurt feelings and undoubtedly offended others. And I was sorry for it and it still makes my heart hurt, but I hope I have been forgiven. And I can only offer the same forgiveness to others who have hurt me. Paula didn't lie in her deposition and her honesty caused great ruin. Why is it that she is the one to take the fall for a sin we have all committed at some point or another? What if we all lost our jobs because we have said something before that was hurtful? We would all be without a job! Again, I do not agree with the words she used and she made a mistake. BUT she has paid for it in more ways than one and all the stone throwers out there still have their job. We are all guilty of the same exact thing...we just never have been caught. So Paula Deen, you have my support. From one imperfect person to another.

The pictures above were taken at a book signing that I stood in line for hours for. We were told that were not allowed to take pictures with her because she had too many books to sign. Well, you know what...she still took pictures with anyone who asked...white, black, cuban, spanish and whomever else. We were ALL there! And she was incredibly sweet about it. But I was early in the line and didn't realize she was so kind and willing to take pictures so I never asked. All to see her take pictures with many more that followed me in line. The aspiring cook in me was so crushed that I missed my chance. So my sweet husband, told me to go buy another book, get back in line and he would be ready with the camera. I did just that all to wait again and have them end the signing right before I was up again to get my book signed. And do you know what? She saw me and my obvious disappointment all over my face and got me out of the crowd of people to go and stand with her and her husband and take a picture with her. Just me...the one who waited through line twice. She could have left, not giving two cares about me. It was late and I pretty much had closed down Costco with her. But her sweet character shined through. You know, everyone makes mistakes but you can tell who a person is by their character. And this southern lady, made a mistake but she does have great character. I saw it firsthand.

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